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Easy Inlay makes inlay easy! All of our materials are easy to sand over wood or ceramic, which makes finishing a breeze. These products are made from the sea and the earth: variations in color or figure add to the natural aesthetic.


Find handy Tweezers, Trays, and CA Glue Tips that make your inlay process even easier. Click HERE! 

Learn HOW TO inlay our products on the Easy Inlay YouTube Channel!

Paua Abalone

Paua Abalone / Mother of Pearl

Pieces / Sheets / Strips / Shapes

Paua Abalone (Haliotis iris) is a unique species of abalone found only in New Zealand’s environmentally pure coastal waters. Ours is the highest grade: the interior shell is extremely colorful and exhibits opalescent blues, rich greens, and luminous fiery flashes. Some of our sheets, strips, and shapes are mother of pearl (Pinctada maxima or Haliotis discus hannai).

We have pieces that range in size from 5 to 15+mm for inlay, jewelry, and more. Our strips, sheets, and shapes come in beautiful colors, are super-thin, and have a peel-and-stick PSA backing--you can apply them and you're done. No need to finish over! (But you can if you want to.)


Our Paua Abalone Strips fit our BOLD rings (wood and ceramic) perfectly, too, in a super-easy, make-your-own process. Learn how on a handle HERE

Large Paua Abalone Shell Pieces
Paua Abalone Sheets
Paua Abalone Strips




Paua Abalone Natural Shapes
Mother of Pearl (MOP) Shapes
Paua Abalone Hearts

Paua Shapes

MOP Shapes

Paua Hearts

Our shell is farmed sustainably in New Zealand; export is not detrimental to the survival of the species in the wild. The US Fish & Wildlife Administration considers paua abalone a protected species; due to excessive export fees, we ship these products only within the United States. 


Cultured Opal

Ten Colors, 2-3mm grains plus Krakatoa FINE

Our jewelry-grade cultured opals add a pop of color that catches the light and the eye; they contain the fire typically seen in rare opals and are optically and physically identical to those found in nature. Large brilliant facets fill larger voids. They're versatile and are easy to crush to fill smaller spaces, too. 

Unlike natural opals, the color, luminosity, and brightness of these will not fade over time. They're contained in easy-to-store jars, too.

Grain size is 2-3 mm; Krakatoa FINE grains are 2 mm, light gray with red and green fire that compliments all of our other opal colors. 

 2 grams fill approximately 30-inches by 1/8" wide, by 1/4" deep.

Bermuda Opal
Confetti Opal
Fiji Opal




Dragon's Eye opal

Dragon's Eye

Marina Opal
Krakatoa Opal


Marianas Opal
Krakatoa Fine Opal

Krakatoa FINE

Moonbeam opal




Sahara Opal


Viper Opal


Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Crushed/ Strips / Sheets / Shapes

Our crushed mother of pearl is very rare; very colorful; and soft, not brittle. You can smush it very easily and use alone or mix it into our other inlay materials to add a shimmering translucent effect. These grains add iridescent, colorful shimmer to any inlay design.

1 ounce jar

Our strips, sheets, and shapes come are super-thin and have a peel-and-stick PSA backing--you can apply them and you're done. No need to finish over! (But you can if you want to.)

The US Fish & Wildlife Administration considers mother of pearl a protected species; due to excessive export fees, we ship these products only within the United States. 

Mother of Pearl MOP Flake


Mother of Pearl MOP Strips


Mother of Pearl MOP Nebula Sheet


Mother of Pearl MOP Shapes


Metal Leaf

Metal Leaf

Flake / Leaf / Starter Kit / Application Kit

Add a luxurious glimmer to gilding, casting, or inlay accents for any woodworking, wood turning, or crafting project! Our metal flake and leaf products can be mixed with a variety of resins, glue size, or finishes. Tamise' gold is also known as Dutch metal 

Metal flake and leaf are made of Gold (brass alloy), Copper (copper alloy), and Silver (aluminum alloy). Does not contain real gold or real silver.

Learn how to apply our Metal Leaf on our YouTube channel!

Gold Tamise Flake
Gold Tamise Leaf
Copper Leaf

Tamise' Flake

"Gold" Leaf

Copper Leaf

Varigated Gold Leaf

Variegated Leaf

Metal Flake Gold Silver Copper

Three Color

Metal Shred Open Jars Shot 2 Edited_edited.jpg


Metal Leaf Application Kit

Application Kit



Crystal Calcite is a versatile, natural mineral used to create many types of inlay. It can be used as is, or covered with dye to emulate a variety of luxurious gem stones such as sapphire blue, ruby red, jade green, and more. 3-ounce package.


Other materials can be mixed in to enhance its appearance as well, such as metal filings, mother-of-pearl or pearlescent pigments that add a shimmering translucent chatoyance effect.


Please click HERE for information on SAFETY.

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