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Metal Leaf

Add a luxurious glimmer to gilding, casting, or inlay accents for any woodworking, wood turning, or crafting project! Our Metal Flake and Leaf products can be mixed with a variety of resins, glue size, or finishes. Tamise' gold is also known as Dutch metal; note that a little goes a long way.


Metal Flake

Tamise' Flake

Metal Flake is perfect for inlays, rings, casting, and more. You can use the bits in traditional inlays, or try the sample pack and play! 

Gold Tamise Flake

Tamise' Flake


Metal Leaf

"Gold" Leaf / Copper Leaf / Variegated Leaf

Use our Metal Leaf to gild bowls, rims, picture frames, or anywhere you want to add a rich metallic gleam.

Gold Tamise Leaf
Copper Leaf
Variegated Leaf

"Gold" Leaf

Copper Leaf

Variegated Leaf

Sample Pack

Sample Pack - Three Color

Gold, Silver, Copper

The place to start! Use a little gold, silver, or copper in your next inlay or casting project.

Gold Silver Copper Flake

Three Color


Metal Shred

Coming soon! Fun colors in shredded metal flake to use for patriotic and holiday projects. 

Metal Shred

Shred will be shreddier than this!

Application Kit

Metal Leaf
Application Starter Kit

Everything you need to gild your next project with gleaming Metal Leaf! Easy-to-follow directions are on the package.

Metal Leaf Application Starter Kit

Application Kit

Metal flake and leaf are made of Gold (brass alloy), Copper (copper alloy), and Silver (aluminum alloy). Does not contain real gold or real silver.

Please click HERE for information on SAFETY.

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