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Easy Inlay Accessories make the creating process just a little bit EASIER! 



Easy Inlay's precision, fine-point tweezers aid in handling fine inlay materials like cultured opal and paua abalone shell pieces. Angled and eagle claw tips provide easy and ergonomic manipulation, even for the smallest particles. Stainless steel,

non-magnetic, and engineered to Swiss standards.

tweezers with penny angled.jpg


Glue Tips

CA Glue Tips

Extra CA glue tips are an invaluable asset at your workstation--you can never have too many! We supply 60 in one low-priced package so you'll never run out of them. 

TIP: How to Increase CA Glue Shelf Life

Store only UNOPENED CA glue in the refrigerator. Once opened, put the bottle(s) in an air-tight container, with a few desiccant gel packs inside.

CA tips.jpg
single tip.jpg
Sorting Trays

Sorting Trays

Easy Inlay’s craft trays come in handy! Use them to separate, sort, or hold materials like cultured opal, mother of pearl, paua abalone pieces, beads, pins, and more; combine resin and inlay together in them; mix dyes, paints, or tints; and use them to rest your brushes and/or CA glue tips. You’ll discover how indispensable they are to have in your shop or on your crafting table. 1" x 1" x 1" thin plastic trays, 20 trays to a pack.

Trays 1_edited.jpg


Make your inlay colors pop by laying black into your void! Complete, spot-on color control for your repairs and restorations. MasterTint additives make color matching fast and easy. Formulated to work with all GluBoost products.

Starter Kit

Metal Leaf
Application Starter Kit

Everything  you need to start gilding! Apply a thin, even coat of gilding size adhesive with a soft brush or pad applicator to a sealed surface, let dry to a light tack, then press metal leaf or flake into size. Remove loose skewings (bits) with the soft mop brush and lightly burnish with the polishing cloth. Seal with your favorite finish.

Please click HERE for information on SAFETY.

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