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About Easy Inlay

Easy Inlay provides rare, exotic, high-quality inlay supplies to professional and hobbyist woodworkers, turners, luthiers, jewelers, and other artists and crafters. Our products are available through our site, Amazon, Woodcraft, Rockler, Timbecon (Australia), Makers Central (UK), Simple Inlay (Canada), and William Wood-Write (Canada). 

We regularly have a booth at the American Association of Woodturners Annual Symposium.

Look for us in Portland, OR, May 23-26, 2024.


Scott Grove is our founder and visionary, responsible for educational videos, plans, packaging design, and bringing new products to market. He is available for in-person demos and Interactive Remote Demos, too. (Learn more about him HERE.) He is an award-winning master craftsman, veneer expert, author, tool designer, sculptor, and artist. Scott's superpower is creativity.

Nancy Napurski is Scott's wife, responsible for customer relations, product fulfillment, inventory management, the online store and website, and writes all marketing copy, She is a multi-talented professional who applies her skills to Easy Inlay's success. Nancy's superpower is communications.

Their collaborations bring nature, beauty, and fun to every project!

Scott and Nancy on the Sculpture

Scott and Nancy sitting atop one of Scott's sculptures

Scott and Nancy at AAW 2023

At AAW 2023, Louisville, KY


Our wedding day: 11-11-11

Scott and Nancy Handstanding

Handstands on a South Carolina beach

Scott and Nancy Having Fun!

Having fun in the car!

Scott and Nancy Clowning for Halloween

Scott was a professional clown!

Scott and Nancy on Breakneck

Hiking on Breakneck Mountain, Cold Spring, NY



How do I use your inlay products?
Please click on our How To page for help on using our inlay products. You're also welcome to watch our YouTube videos and follow our Facebook page for more.  
Do you provide International delivery?


It depends. We can ship everything outside of the United States except mother of pearl and paua abalone products. They are considered protected species by the US Fish & Wildlife Agency, so there are restrictions on exporting that are cost-prohibitive. If you would like to pay a $99 export fee to receive these products, please contact us directly. 



How do I return an item?


You may process a return through our online storefront. 

Please note that these products are made from nature; there may be variations in color and minor impurities which add to the overall natural aesthetic.



What is your returns policy?


You are welcome to return any unopened product in original packaging to Easy Inlay through our online store. Note that we weigh each package of mother of pearl, opal, and paua abalone pieces prior to shipping; if they are returned "light" then we are unable to credit your account.

How do I track my order?


Order tracking information is contained in your confirmation email. Please click on the link to track your order. Please note that once USPS or UPS picks up your order, we have no control over delivery issues.



The tracking says my package was delivered but I didn't get it. What do I do now?


Once your package leaves our mailbox, tracking and delivery is out of our control. If your tracking number shows "delivered" then please follow up with your mail carrier directly. You can find your local post office phone number by Googling USPS and the name of your town.



Can you process an overnight order?


We fulfill Monday through Saturday morning Eastern Time, before our mail carrier arrives for pick up. If you place your order before 11:00 a.m., then your order should be in that day's mail. 

What safety protocols should I follow when using your materials?


When applying, inlaying, and sanding our products, we recommend using protective gear at all times (gloves, mask or respirator, apron). Do not ingest or inhale. Dust can be an mechanical irritant, and resin can be a chemical irritant to eyes, skin, nose, and throat. For Prop65 Statements and more information, click HERE


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Contact Us


Located in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York

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