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We carry only the best resins on the market!                                             Click HERE for 12 Tips for Bubble-free Resin Work.



Looking for breakthrough turn outs for your builds, finishes, and ding and dent repair? Look no further! The GluBoost professional system provides flawless results that industry elite rely upon daily.

GluBoost is a premium CA glue that dries clear and hard for a long-lasting finish. And they are the only CA glue products that don't blush when using GluDry Accelerator. 

MasterTint Black

Master Tint


Make your inlay colors pop by laying black into your void! Complete, spot-on color control for your repairs and restorations. MasterTint additives make color matching fast and easy. Formulated to work with all GluBoost products.

Fill n Finish
Fill n Finish Thin
Master Glu Ultra-Thin

Fill n Finish

Fill n Finish Thin

Master Glu Ultra Thin

GluDry Accelerator

TIP: How to Increase CA Glue Shelf Life

Store only UNOPENED CA glue in the refrigerator. Once opened, put the bottle(s) in an air-tight container with a few desiccant gel packs inside.



Solarez UV-cure resins have an unlimited open time and will stay fluid until you apply a specifically-calibrated flashlight or direct sunlight; then they turn hard, yet flexible. They’re perfect for any maker who wants more project control.

Since the 80’s, Solarez has radically improved (and cleaned) the manufacturing of sporting composites, cabinetry, music instruments, fly fishing, jewelry, hobbies, and crafts and paved the way of exciting new technologies. Solarez products excel in sales around the world, a function of quality.

Doming Resin

Doming Resin

Grain Filler

Grain Sealer

Solarez Bone Black Dry.jpg
Resinator Flashlight Kit

Bone Black Dry

Ultra Thin

Resinator Kit

Please click HERE for information on SAFETY.

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