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Everything you need to add a flashing gleam to any project, at 10% off for the bundle! 


Copper Leaf adds a luxurious gleam and glimmer to any woodworking, woodturning, or crafting project. Our copper leaf is a real metal alloy flattened into fine, thin, square leaves, individually packaged "loose" between tissue paper, in books of 25 leaves for easy handling. Apply with glue size, resin, or finishes. Non-toxic under normal use. Does not contain real gold or lead. Each book contains 25 leaves (5-1/2” x 5-1/2” / 14cm x 14cm) which cover 689 square inches (4.75 SF) or 4900 square cm (.49 square meters)  Do not ingest.


This leaf can be patinaed with salts, acids, or oxidizing solutions to enhance its aesthetic, or seal with a finish to prevent oxidation. 


The Starter Kit includes glue size, brushes, and a polishing cloth.



    Copper Leaf Bundle

    $22.95 Regular Price
    $20.66Sale Price