In March, 2017, Imaginlay announced its formation to the media. In August, 2018, we chose to rebrand our name to Easy Inlay.

Please note that early press coverage mentions Imaginlay.

Creating Geodes in Wood

American Woodturner Magazine

October, 2018

Scott Grove shares his innovative technique of adding crushed calcite to a turned vessel and airbrushing it to look like amethyst. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how. Download the full article HERE.

Tool Review: Inlay Material by Easy Inlay

Fine Woodworking Magazine

February, 2018


Easy Inlay has introduced two types of inlay material, crushed mother-of-pearl and crystal calcite. The mother-of-pearl comes in flake and fine grades, and the crystal calcite in coarse and fine. Regardless of the grade, the materials work well as inlay, take finish well, and are a good way to add color to projects, especially since both can be dyed. Click here for full article.

How to Resin Inlay / Mother of Pearl

WoodShop TV

August, 2017

Carl Jacobson of Woodshop TV uses our other of pearl

to enhance his turned bowl.


Furniture maker creates brand of mineral fillers

Woodshop News

May, 2017

Furniture maker Scott Grove recently developed the Imaginlay brand of mineral fillers as a creative option for woodworkers and turners.

“Typically when you have a crack in wood, either you don’t use that piece or, if you do, you try to fill it with a black or dark filler, but it’s still a notch and still a blemish. This helps to add a little accent point to that area. It makes a knot into a design element,” Grove says. Click here for full article.


Podcast #4 - Where to find wood

Woodturners Anonymous

May, 2017

Ready to use all natural crushed mother of pearl and crystal calcite inlay materials. Available in one ounce and three ounce sizes and they’ll be showing off the products at Totally Turning in Saratoga Springs, NY (4/1-2) and the AAW Symposium. Click here for podcast..


Mother of pearl wood filler gives inlay a glowing look

Woodworking Network

March, 2017

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. – Imaginlay, a company dedicated to inlay products for woodworkers and woodturners, launched a ready-to-use, all-natural, crushed mother of pearl and crystal calcite inlay materials, now available on Amazon.com. Woodworkers can take a natural blemish in wood, or a deliberate design element, add bling, and take their work to the next level. Click here for full article.


Top Ten Products.Net

Ten Best Wood Carving Tools

Click here for full article..


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